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Living the Feast

Last Wednesday I sneaked into Diane Harris’ kindergarten. She asked if I would like to tell a story.  I settled myself in her rocking chair and told about the baby born on the Mayflower. He was named Oceanus because he … Continue reading

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Savoring the Delicious

Gourmet magazine is folding and I think it may be my fault. My grandmother told me to never let my subscription lapse; I always kept it going, no matter what.  My husband renewed my subscription to Gourmet every year as … Continue reading

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Writing is Like That

We walked across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The bright light of the  November sun brought the yellow leaves that fell around us into brilliant focus.  My sister in law, two cousins, and I entered the park’s … Continue reading

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It’s Hip to Be Square

Last year I saw Winslow Homer’s Country School at an art gallery in St. Louis; now a poster of the painting hangs in Room 204.  That teacher in the one room schoolhouse and I are in the same business.  We … Continue reading

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