Oh, Look!

Lots of parents call out morning reminders as their children leave car doors or screen doors slamming behind them. “Pay attention!” they call out. It is the best writing advice there is. “Take notes!” my father would bark as we untangled ourselves and tumbled out of his VW Bug just as the bell was about to ring. It never occurred to me that he was talking about school. And I really don’t think he was. To me he sounded just like Perry White, Lois Lane’s Editor at the Daily Planet. “Take notes and bring back some stories.” I learned that paying attention is a way of harvesting the details of the day into a story that I could unfold and tell later. Details make up the story we see and carefully chosen words make up the story we tell. I teach third graders to look at the world with the eyes of a writer. “Look” is one of the first words we learn to read, but it takes a lifetime of practice to actually do it. This week, we will talk about what it means to look, read, and listen like a writer. We start by paying attention and by willing to be astonished by what we see.

Last summer, at Lake Chautauqua, a friend pressed a scrap of paper into my hands. He had been reading the poems of Mary Oliver and had written down a few of her words for me: “Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” I love those words and keep them close at hand. They can be summed up simply, “Oh, look!”

About Annie Campbell

Annie Campbell is a National Board Certified teacher and loves her work. After a forty year career in the classroom, she continues to support teachers. Annie enjoys cooking for family and friends; she likes to lose herself in a good book; she loves discovering new ideas, restaurants, perfect picnic places, and movies with her husband, Ben.
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3 Responses to Oh, Look!

  1. Stacey says:

    Those are powerful words!

  2. Patrick Dillon says:

    “We start by paying attention, and by wiling to be astonished by what we see.” If you don’t mind terribly, I would like to pirate that line and use it as a quote in my future writing workshop. This entire piece is beautifully worded, and states something that I feel many people miss in their everyday lives. There is a story in everything if someone is so inclined to find it.

  3. marvene2 says:

    Pay attention! This phrase can be applied to pretty much everything in life. We need to pay attention in school, pay attention when driving, pay attention to our parents, and the list continues. It is most important to pay attention when reading stories so you don’t miss the details. Those details are very imperative when trying to create a vivid picture in your mind of what you are reading. Looking at the world with eyes of a writer can be a very simple task. I agree, “Oh look” sums it up perfectly. Look and tell what you see. Look into the world and write about what you see and how you view things. Thanks for sharing.

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