imageDear Families,

I have mixed feelings about homework.  I won’t send it home every week, but  the reality is this: the 21st century third grader is responsible for an unprecedented number of complex, precise, academic words. Children need multiple exposures to “own” this challenging vocabulary. I design differentiated homework built around these words. I want it to be meaningful and purposeful.  And when it isn’t, I won’t assign it.  When I do send it home, it will be vocabulary driven and I expect it to be done well.  Keep track of the vocabulary words we work on. They are important.

When I don’t assign homework, I want THAT time to be meaningful and purposeful, too.  So I have designed the Family Fun Homework (see below).  Is there something else you would like to see on this list?  The good news you are a co-designer of Family Fun Homework. Replace anything on this list with something that is meaningful, purposeful, and fun…and involves time together.

The weekend assignment will always be the same: “Look at the world with the eyes of a writer.”  The children are getting good at this. They come in the door on Monday morning ready to jot their ideas for Writers Workshop.


Mrs. Annie Campbell