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Who is Your Inner Editor?

If you write, I am pretty sure you have one.  And if you don’t  write, I know you do– and I know they’ve had the last word.  So far.   Some people call them inner critics.  I have two and they … Continue reading

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Love’s Signature

Is there room for a eulogy on a teaching blog?  In this case, I think there is.  I learned so much about writing and living and loving and teaching from my sister.  I have written about her on this blog … Continue reading

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Learning Joy

I know that a lot of learning takes place in Room 204; the children learn from me and I learn from them. These twenty-five students are twenty-five teachers. We teach each other and, as a result, I live a life … Continue reading

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Stop and Say Hello

Thirty-seven years ago I became a teacher. I became a teacher because I was passionate about peace and justice and I wanted to make the world a better place. It was the right decision and I grateful that I stumbled … Continue reading

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In the Shade of the Miracle Tree

Throughout my career, I have stood sentinel on the line between church and state. Perhaps you imagine that line as a dividing line between people of different religions—or perhaps that line evokes an image of people of faith on one … Continue reading

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Homework or Home Wreck?

Not all good researchers are teachers, but all good teachers are researchers. We simply can’t help it.  We hypothesize. We look for trends. We make connections. We develop questions and we seek solutions. We test the research of researchers who … Continue reading

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Unwrapping December

Discover. Uncover. Reveal. Unwrap. This was the deliberate work of December in Room 204.   We  started with a stack of brown paper packages tied up with string. I had a master list of titles that represented the genres of poetry, … Continue reading

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Another Chapter in Room 204

February was the month of love that we started celebrating in January.  January 15 to be exact.  Set Up is key.  This is true if  you are giving a party, telling a joke, or painting a house.   It is really … Continue reading

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In the Grand “Schema” of Things

I wrote this five years ago, but I am reposting this in honor of  my beautiful sister, Thanksgiving, Family, and Reading. My sister and I can read each other’s minds. Really. On Thanksgiving the table was set, the turkey was … Continue reading

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I am the daughter of a wonderful cook.  While other people were growing up on casseroles, I skipped home to Salad Nicoise and Gazpacho.   “We are having a Great Dinner From Life!” my mother would say.  Great Dinners from … Continue reading

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