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And Justice for All…

The morning sun streams through twelve-foot windows and spills across the desks of Room 204.  The children stand and face the flag, hand over heart,   “I pledge allegiance…” Early in the year, scraping chairs, shuffling feet, and muffled whispers make … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Roses

Yesterday, I sat in my rocking chair beneath the Campbell Avenue sign and read The Sweet Smell of Roses by Angela Johnson to my third graders.  This book is a tribute to the children who marched with Dr. Martin Luther … Continue reading

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From the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Not much is known about St. Valentine, but it doesn’t matter, because this really isn’t a saint’s day.  Reason fades into the shadows as the heart has its day. City corners may be occupied by vendors with … Continue reading

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Did Christopher Newport Have a Parrot?

“Mrs. Campbell, did Christopher Newport have a parrot?” I had just finished describing Christopher Newport, the explorer who brought the first colonists to Virginia.  I explained that he had been the prototype for J.M. Barrie’s Captain Hook; and that he … Continue reading

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