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True Enough.

Is a storyteller a meaning maker or a truth teller?  Simple facts were not enough for the mammoth hunter who recorded the hunt in broad strokes on the dimly lit walls of  an ancient cave; or the buffalo hunter on the … Continue reading

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Metaphors Be With You.

Last week, metaphors tiptoed into Room 204.  They snuck into our third grade last Tuesday with Emily Dickinson, honored guest.  We were reading one of her poems.  Emily Dickinson wrote,  “The morns are meeker than they were; the nuts are … Continue reading

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Picture This

Do you see what I see?  If we were reading the same book, we probably wouldn’t see the same thing.  Our imagination as we read is anchored in all that we’ve read and seen and experienced. Our experience informs our … Continue reading

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By Chance?

People ask me how I became a storyteller.  The question hangs in a split second of expectation:  perhaps I know of a book… some little-known home-grown tome of tried and true tips.  There are good books on storytelling, I’ve  read lots … Continue reading

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