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At the Point of a Pen

I  prayed every night that I wouldn’t get Mrs. Shepherd for third grade.  She was old.   I wanted the young pretty teacher who taught next door.  We all did. I learned about unanswered prayer as I was directed to Room … Continue reading

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Obedience School

Dogs can teach us about the writing life. They can focus on a worthy idea and they can catch it in midair. They live verbs and love nouns. Dogs don’t walk. They saunter, scamper, scurry, and lope. A dog’s nouns … Continue reading

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The Right Note at the Right Time

I love February 14. In the third grade book of days, it is the high holy day of love and friendship. With a flurry of red paper, pink paper, white doilies and ribbon, each child is acknowledged as friend and … Continue reading

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Live It Until You Get It Right

One morning last week, I greeted the children and was happy to see them, but I was also preoccupied by all that comes with end of a marking period. I didn’t even realize that I’d forgotten to put the morning … Continue reading

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